Introducing Crosslinking using Ultraviolet radiation, a method to produce crosslink cables, from simple coloured XLPE to sophisticated HFFR cables of wide-ranging complexities. Our system utilizes innocuous radiation levels yet attaining efficient production speeds even for cables up to 4mm insulation thickness. Crosslinking is achieved as soon as the cable leaves the UV chamber, thus allowing postproduction processes to take place immediately after extrusion without the need for degassing (as in the case for CV crosslinking) or moisture curing (for silane systems). Using UV crosslinking technology, the cable maker will not have to be concerned with pre-crosslinking, insulation punctures, under-crosslinking, shrinkage, orange skin etc. This is because the compound is being extruded in its thermoplastic state without the compound undergoing any chemical changes throughout the extrusion process, irrespective of the temperature of extrusion. Because of our use of low lever radiation, the process is safe, and cable processing is done in the open without the need for special shielding, which is the case when electron bean systems are being used. Contact us for a demonstration or the system.
UV Brochure