Plexchem Technologies Pte Ltd is an award winning Singapore based company which specializes in the manufacture and distribution of many proprietary specialty cable compounds. Plexchem strives to position itself as a leading supplier of innovative technology and materials to the cable industry.
Plexchem produced Plexlink® compounds for both moisture cured silane as well as peroxide CV cured XLPE cables back in the early 1980s. This was soon followed by a range of thermoplastic Halogen Free Flame Retardant cable compounds called Plexlene® (today Plexchem even offers a crosslinkable HFFR compound) In the late 1990’s, Plexchem products include the environmental friendly Ageis® compounds for anti-termite and anti-rodent cable applications. In the turn of the century, Plexchem embarked on a pioneering strategy of helping cable companies and compounders develop their own brand of cable compounds. To support this venture, Plexchem produced a range of easy to use compounds and chemicals for companies to manufacture their own ready to use compounds. Technical and manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001 certified with the capability of performing scale up trials and the manufacturing of many key active components used in different cable applications. Plexchem also undertakes joint activities with many well-known suppliers and customers to develop new and exciting products, which even find applications outside the cable industry. Plexchem will be delighted to introduce the range of products that are available for your use or to develop your very own compounds.