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Plexchem Technologies Pte Ltd is a Singapore based company which specializes in crosslinking technology, especially for the silane (PE-Xb) and peroxide (PE-Xa) processes, and the expertise to manufacture other polymeric specialty materials, such as HFFR, semi conductive, anti-vermin and XLPE pipe compounds. Plexchem Technologies desires to position itself as a principal supplier of pioneering process technologies and innovative products for the infrastructure industry. This award winning company consists of a team of creative and experienced personnel, who in the early 80s were responsible for the original commercialization of the “Adsorption” process for making crosslinkable compounds. Over the past 30 years, this process has been used in the production of over 300,000 tonnes of silane crosslinkable compounds. Many of the brand names Plexlink®, Kabelink®, Plexsil®, Plexlene®, Aegis® and others are familiar names of compounds being manufactured and shipped to repeat Customers all over the world. The business activities of Plexchem Technologies and its subsidiary, Alchemix, stretches from the Eastern Pacific countries through the Indian sub-continent, the Middle Eastern regions and extending to eastern and southern Europe and on wards into South and North America. With a consumption of well over 30,000 mts per annum of various silane crosslinkable compounds and growing at an astounding annual rate of over 20%, Plexchem Technologies has become a leading supplier of silane XLPE compounds throughout the world, establishing Plexchem Technologies as a truly global company. Plexchem Technologies licenses its proprietary AddMix® technology to companies for their in-house manufacture of silane crosslinkable compounds using the “Adsorption” process. This includes the newly patented and innovative “idiot proof” on line compounding system. An equivalent system is available for the in house manufacturing of Peroxide compounds. Technical facility in Singapore is ISO 9001 certified with the capability of performing scale-up trials and the manufacturing of many key components used in different compound applications. The company also undertakes joint activities with many well-known suppliers and customers to evaluate and develop new and exciting products for the benefit of all its licensees. The web site also includes information from its subsidiary company Alchemix Pte Ltd. It contains particulars of its products and services which have and are still being used by many Customers and Licensees throughout the globe. The consolidation of the two companies creates a tremendous opportunity for Plexchem Technologies to enhanced its already celebrated service to its many loyal Customers and Licensees.

How we do our business

The company works closely with its Customers so as to offer targeted and specific solutions that would satifies the exigent needs of our Customers. We call this Customer Centric Approach. This implies that our growth is fully dependent on the success of our Customers and Licences. “our first responsibility is to our Customers for without them we would have no reason for being.”
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