Many compounders start their operations by focusing on their revenue generating equipment and would pay little attention to what is considered to be an integral part of the whole compounding process, Quality Control systems and testing equipment. Quality Control testing equipment under many situations are viewed as revenue depleting, especially in their initial start-up phase, when expenses are firmly reigned in. For a company that is in
its start-up phase, the task of sourcing affordable and yet reliable equipment is indeed a daunting experience with so many suppliers to choose from, supplying equipment with varied price range and specs.
With this in mind, ApparaTest have introduced a range of affordable sample preparation and testing equipment that can be used to determine the quality of the finished compound. Some of these equipment are stripped away version of expensive testing equipment that serve to capture the essence of the test without compromising on the reliability of the results. An example of this is the hot set oven purchased from a specialized supplier, with special aeration fans the can cost a few thousands of dollars’ vs the system offered by ApparaTest that utilizes a modified oven and have shown to give identical results at an affordable price. These equipment have been supplied to many of our licensees for their QC measurements and compound evaluation and many of these equipment are still in the service of our licensees since the 1990’s.