Anti Termite AEGIS P3151 AT
Aegis Anti Termite P 3151 is formulated to protect polymeric products, installed underground or otherwise, against termite attacks. This Anti Termite masterbatch is commonly used in pipes, trunkings, injection parts, cables etc. Aegis Anti Termite P 3151 is another  innovative product from Alchemix. It is the first environmentally friendly Anti Termite product of its kind. The active ingredients consist of a PYRETHROID which acts as a repellent first, then as a termiticide as the last form of defence of the plastic product. Natural forms of pyrethroid called pyrethrins are found in Chrysanthemum  flowers. Alchemix Anti Termite compounds are free heavy metal and are RoHS and Reach approved products. Alchemix is able to supply an Anti Termite spray or paint to be used on untreated plastic products that is already in service. Alchemix Anti Termite compounds will
  • Not dissolve in water due to its Low Solubility
  • Leach less into the surrounding
  • Bind with Soil to provide additional protection of the buried plastic object
  • Be active for a long time due to its Inertness
  • Decompose into not toxic by-products. (especially for disposal)