Aegis Anti Rodent B 3251 is formulated to protect polymeric products, installed underground or otherwise, against rodent attacks. This Anti Rodent masterbatch is commonly used in pipes, trunkings, injection parts, cables etc. Aegis Anti Rodent B 3251 is an EVA based environmentally friendly product. The active ingredients used in Alchemix Anti Rodent compound are non-toxic rodent repellent, which deters rodent attack but does not kill the rodents. It causes an extremely unpleasant sensation when rodents tried to bite into the finished products. Such intense and unpleasant sensation deters rodents from further attempts to attacks. Alchemix Anti Rodent Compounds are free of heavy metal and are RoHS and Reach approved. Alchemix is able to supply an Anti Rodent paint to be used on untreated products that is already in service. Rodents are mammalian animals and can be conditioned to avoid attacking the plastic product. Thus, Alchemix Anti Rodent active ingredients are designed to cause physical discomfort and distress to the rodent without actually harming it.