Plexchem prides itself as being an innovative company, offering pioneering solutions to many problems that beset cable companies around the world.
Innovation Solutions
Beginning with the world first commercial silane compounding system, using the infusion process back in the early 1980s, Plexchem have added various products that have been proven helpful in improving technical performances and increasing production efficiencies of cable companies. This includes the world’s first anti-termite masterbatch introduced in the early 1990s, when one of our technologist noticed that plastic film used as banana comb wraps in Costa Rica contained chemicals that would be effective in preventing termite attacks in cables. Most recently we have developed a quick and efficient system for determining the aging properties of cables.
Anti-Vermin Masterbatches
Accelerated Aging Apparatus
Crosslinkable HFFR Compounds
Repairing Damaged Cables
Die Heating System
Skin Technology