New Product & Service
As an innovative company Plexchem Technologies is constantly introducing new concepts, services and products. Some of the more recent innovations have been highlighted in this section.



Plexchem Technologies have recently unveiled two recent innovations in Vermin deterrence.

a) Speciality Nylon compounds that meets all the specifications as an anti termite jacket. This compound is not only cheaper than traditional compounds but it is easier to process. Learn more about Speciality Nylon compounds

b) Reduced ODOUR Anti Rodent Compound. The very putrid smell of traditional anti rodent masterbatches (although non poisonous) makes the product difficult to work with. Plexchem Technologies new anti rodent compound reduces the foul smell thus making for a pleasant work environment on the factory floor. Learn more about ODOUR Anti Rodent Compound


Assential Systems -your lifting solution. If the repetitive manual handling of heavy loads puts your workers at risk of developing musculoskeletal disorders, Assential Systems provide an inexpensive solution to your problem. Learn more about Assential Systems


CableSoft: software that PROVIDES POWDERFUL SOLUTIONS in managing your cable company. Learn more about CableSoft