Plexchem is a Singapore based company which specializes in silane (PE-Xb) and peroxide (PE-Xa) based crosslinking technology and other polymeric specialty cable materials. Plexchem strives to position itself as a leading supplier of innovative technology and material for the cable industry.
The company consists of a team of creative and experience personnel, some of whom, in the early 80s, were responsible for the commercialization of the “Adsorption” process for making crosslinkable compounds, both for cables and pipes. This process has been used in the production of over 300,000 tons of silane crosslinkable compounds over the past 30 years. Many of the familiar brand names Plexlink®, Kabelink®, Plexsil® were developed by these pioneers. The company will license the proprietary AddMix® technology to individual cable companies or compounders for the in-house manufacture of silane crosslinkable compounds using the “Adsorption” process. This is innovative (and idiot proof) on line compounding system will produce quality ready to use compounds. An equivalent system is available for the in house manufacturing of Peroxide compounds. The company is also promoting its range of multi component silane crosslinkable formulations to various cable customers all over the world. Plexchem range of products includes Halogen Free Flame Retardant (HFFR or LSZH) cable compounds including Moisture cured Crosslink HFFR compounds. Plexchem will provide technical assistance for license holders to manufacture in-house such FR compounds. The company looks forward to working with you.