Affordable Peroxide QC & Testing
Equipment Purpose Remarks
Universal Tensile Tester A low cost tensile tester that measures the tensile and elongation properties of the sample. (A simple tester can be as low as usd 2500 per unit) ISO 9001
AAA Accelerated testing for aging the stabilization of the sample can be established within 15 minutes for PE & 1 hr for PVC
QC ageing ovens Measures the ageing properties of the sample. IEC 811
Thickness measuring meter Measuring thickness of the dumb bell sample Digital vernier caliper
High insulation resistance tester Measuring the volume resistance of the sample IEC 60093, ASTM D257
Gel Test Measuring the gel content of a sample Optional test ASTM D2765 – 11
Shaving of sample from cable To prepare <2mm cable thickness Under IEC 811 shavings must be done in one slicing action
Basic Equipment