Assential Systems is a Singapore based solution provider covering mainly Asian Markets particularly the South-East Asia region, with partners and affiliations in China and North/South America

We aim to provide practical, cost effective reliable and safe lifting solutions to assist workers in performing the daily task of loading and unloading

Many workers are employed in primary productions, packaging, logistics distributions, food and drink processing, chemical and plastic productions, glass and metal fabrications and installations to handle repetitive manual lifting tasks. Over time it will affect their health and thus reduce their effectiveness in performing their tasks. By adopting this new lifting system, the worker will be able to handle their work more effectively without causing both short or long term injury and decrease down time.

The organizations will benefit by improving work efficiency and productivity as well as having a fit, healthy and motivated work force.

Our system has been adopted by major industrial groups all over the world for years with proven track records and long service life.

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